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  • Smart Home 2016 View of Open-Plan Kitchen With Columns
    Architectural Details

  • Architectural Details

  • White Contemporary Dining Room With Black Room Divider Wall
    Super-Architectural Space

  • Black and White Powder Room
    Accentuating Architectural Details

  • White Eclectic Foyer
    Penthouse Foyer Laden with Architectural Detail

  • Modern Home Exterior at Night
    Interior Lighting Highlights Architectural Details at Night

  • Two-Story Modern White Living Room
    Modern Living Space Blends Indoors and Out

  • Backyard and Pool
    Architectural Layout of Home Creates Privacy in Backyard

  • Two-Story White Modern Living Room
    Modern Living Space is Perfect Backdrop for Art

  • Beige Transitional Entryway With Contemporary Art
    Transitional Living Space Features Neutral Color Scheme and Black and White Photography

  • Open-Plan Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen
    Architectural Features Help Define Zones in Open Plan Great Room

  • Southwestern Living and Dining Room
    Strong Architectural Lines Dominate Living Space With Custom Fireplace, Dining Table

  • Living room with blue upholstered furniture
    Beach Inspired Living Room

  • Console table in entryway
    Beach Inspired Living Room Entryway

  • two leather chairs in beach inspired living room
    Beach Inspired Living Room Leather Seating

  • Reading nook with blue upholstered chair
    Beach Inspired Living Room Reading Nook

  • living room with leather and blue upholstered furniture
    Beach Inspired Living Room

  • Dining area with wallpaper and indigo prints
    Beach Inspired Living Room Dining