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  • Bathroom With Arched Ceiling
    Double Vanity Bathroom With Arched Ceiling

  • White Hall With Tall Ceilings and Light Tile Floors
    Bright, Open Hallway With Arched Ceilings

  • White Gourmet Kitchen
    Gourmet Kitchen With Arched Ceiling

  • Traditional Den With Arched Ceiling
    Striking Living Room with Arched Ceiling

  • Glamorous White Living Space With Planked Ceiling
    Transitional White Living Room With Striking Arched Ceiling

  • Hallway with Columns, Arched Ceilings and Door
    Beach House Gallery Featuring High, Arched Ceilings and Glass Doors Leading to the Shore

  • Mediterranean Outdoor Space with Arches, Wood Beams and Stone Floors
    Mediterranean Outdoor Space with Arches, Beamed Ceiling and Stone Floors

  • View of Covered Patio Through Arched Doorway
    Covered Patio With Arched Doorway and Exposed Ceiling Beams

  • View of Living Room Through Arched Doorway
    Living Room With Arched Doorway and Painted Ceiling

  • Neutral Transitional Living Room With Neutral Velour Sofas
    Serene Neutral Living Room With Ceiling Arch

  • Gray Front Porch With White Trim and Wood-Ceilinged Arch
    Gray Front Porch With White Trim and Wood-Ceilinged Arch

  • Hall With Wood Floor
    White Hallway With Wood Floor

  • Eclectic Neutral Foyer
    Grand Entrance With High Ceilings, Colorful Abstract Art, Arched Wood Doors and Dog Statues

  • Neutral Transitional Foyer
    High Ceiling, Neutral-Orange Foyer With Mint Green China Cabinet and Gold Greyhound Statues in Arch Doorway

  • Colonnade
    Colonnade and Marble Floor

  • Stairs With Blue Pendant Light
    Stairway With Blue Pendant Light

  • Hallway With Glass Pendant Lights
    Hallway With Stone Floors

  • Apartment Master Bedroom
    Apartment Master Bedroom With Plant