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  • Place Mats from Antique Books
    Antique Books as Place Mats

  • White Shelf Decorated with Antique Books
    Living Room: Antique Books Decorate a Shelf

  • Country Wood Dresser
    Wooden Country Dresser Decorated With Tall Candlesticks and Antique Book Ends Under Mounted Metal Shelf

  • Antiques in the Family Room
    Antique Accents in the Family Room

  • Living Room Gets a Rustic Remodel
    Natural and Antique Details Decorate the Living Room

  • Traditional Living Room Window Table With Black Lamp and Clock
    Window Table With Antique Accessories in a Traditional Living Room

  • Antique Books and Clock Decorate Newly Renovated Home
    Fixer Upper: Antique Clock and Aged Books Decorate Home

  • Built In Book Shelf With Recessed Lighting And Antiques
    Contemporary Illuminated Built In Book Shelf With Antique Accents

  • Books in Antique Trunk
    Unique Book Storage

  • Living Room With Antique Books
    Living Room With Polished Metal Accents

  • Antique Bedroom Writing Space
    Elegant Antique Bedroom Furnishings

  • Global Accessories and Carved Table
    Global Accessories and Carved Table

  • Disguising Router With Old Books
    Hiding the Router With Books

  • Glass Lamp On Antique Books
    Bedroom With Glass Lamp

  • Mediterranean Foyer With Dresser, Tile Floor and Antique Map
    Antique Map in Mediterranean Foyer

  • Traditional Fireplace With Antique Accents And Green Wallpaper
    Traditional Living Room Fireplace Detail With Hand Painted Wallpaper And Green And White Glass Accents

  • Green Boy's Bedroom WIth Antique Fireplace
    Green Boy's Bedroom WIth Antique Fireplace

  • Leather-Wrapped Books
    How to Make Distressed Leather-Wrapped Books