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  • A Greek Revival-style home sits among mature trees in Alabama.
    Restored Antebellum Home in Eastern Alabama

  • Brown Door on Georgia Antebellum Home

  • Illinois Home with Antebellum Charm
    Antebellum Characteristics Add Charm to Illinois Home

  • Front Door with Green, Pink and Yellow Plants
    Antebellum Front Door with Pink, Green and Yellow Plants

  • Lady Antebellum
    Lady Antebellum performs in the HGTV Lodge at CMA Music Fest 2015

  • Backstage
    Backstage in the HGTV Lodge at CMA Music Fest 2015 with Lady Antebellum and Alison Victoria

  • Historic Southern Mansion
    Historic Southern Mansion in Atlanta

  • Pre-Civil War home
    Pre-Civil War Home in Beaufort, S.C.

  • pre-Civil War home with formal garden
    Formal Garden With Brick Walkways