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  • Exposed Light Bulb Encased in Metal Mesh Fixture
    Industrial Metal Mesh Light Fixture

  • Bathroom With Metal Walls and Cement Floating Sink
    Contemporary Bathroom Boasts Steel Diamond Plate Walls

  • Industrial Metal Pendant Light With Vintage-Style Bulb
    Custom Industrial-Style Pendant Light

  • Antique Buffet, Accessories, Mural & Gold Wall Art
    Classically Styled Dining Room With Inset Antique Buffet and Mural

  • Modern California Home With Modern Swimming Pool
    Ultra Modern California Home With Backyard Swimming Pool

  • Exterior Modern Concrete Home With Balcony
    View From A Balcony: Modernity at its Finest

  • Twig Vines on Cement Patio Columns at Back of Home
    Twig Vines Give Patio a Rustic Touch

  • Stainless Steel Kitchen With Industrial Look
    Stunning Industrial-Style Chef Kitchen

  • Bedroom: Antique French Vanity, Painting & Wall Sculpture
    Antique French Vanity With French Relief Art and Wall Sculpture

  • Small Gray Design Studio With Cement Exterior Walls
    Contemporary Design Studio Features Cement Exterior

  • Contemporary White Living Area With Large Glass Doors and Gray Chairs
    Contemporary Seating Area With Sleek Sliding Doors

  • Contemporary Gray House Exterior With Sleek Glass and Metal Doors
    Contemporary Cement Home With Cantilevered Guest Room

  • Design Studio With Sleek Black Island and Reclaimed Wood Chair
    Rustic Cart Chair in Minimalist Design Studio

  • Design Studio With Sleek Black Island and Bare Walls
    Contemporary Design Studio With Vintage Pieces

  • Minimalist Kitchen With Sleek, Dark Island
    Custom Kitchen Island Features Hidden Functionality

  • Modern Gray Powder Room With Metal Mesh Pendant Lights
    Custom Chain Mesh Pendants in Minimalist Powder Room

  • Cement Building With Second-Story Balcony
    Contemporary Cement Design Studio With Top-Floor Balcony

  • White Barn-Style Door on Steel Track Leading to Brown Bathroom
    Barn-Style Door Opens to Contemporary Bathroom