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  • Modern Exterior With Low Water Landscape
    Agave and Cacti Landscape

  • Contemporary Landscape With Grasses and Agave
    Ornamental Grasses and Agave Plant

  • Smooth White Retaining Walls With Agave and Euphorbia
    Front Landscape Features Agave and Euphorbia

  • Modern Desert Landscape With Rusted Steel Planters
    Rusted Steel Planters With Yucca and Agave

  • Outdoor Living Space with Fireplace and Neutral Furnishings
    Southwestern Patio with Stone Fireplace

  • Paver Patio With Retaining Wall and Container Plants
    Paver Patio With Retaining Wall and Container Plants

  • Southwestern Landscape Design with Gabion Wall and Desert Plants
    Gabion Wall and Drought Friendly Plants in Southwester Landscape Design

  • Southwestern Style Home Landscaped with Reclaimed Materials
    Reclaimed Materials and Desert Plants Landscape This Southwestern Style Home

  • modern courtyard
    Clean Lines, Water Feature Comprise Courtyard

  • Southwestern Landscape Inspired by the Desert
    Desert Inspired Southwestern Landscape

  • Modern Southwest Yard Gabion Wall and Drought Resistant Plant
    Drought Resistant Plant and Gabion Wall in Modern Southwestern Yard

  • modern backyard
    Backyard Showcases Swimming Pool, Mountain Views

  • Mediterranean Pergola and Fountain
    Mediterranean Pergola and Fountain

  • modern front yard
    Modern Home Includes Views of Las Vegas Strip

  • Pots of Decorative Grasses
    Red Square Pots of Decorative Grasses

  • Water Conserving Yard Uses Gravel Instead of Grass
    Gravel Replaces Grass in Water Conserving Yard

  • Water Conscious Yard with Gravel and Desert Plants
    Desert Plants and Gravel in Water Conscious Yard

  • Home with Southwestern Exterior
    Southwestern Style Exterior