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  • Cohesive, Contemporary Design on Home's Exterior
    New Exterior Coverings Help Create Cohesive, Contemporary Design

  • Family Room with Niches
    Niches in Family Room

  • Rustic Kitchen with Industrial Light Fixture
    Industrial Light Fixture in Rustic Kitchen

  • Walnut Cabinets in Backlit Bar Area
    Backlit Bar Area with Walnut Cabinets

  • Spa Accented with Thirty Eight Foot Waterfall
    Thirty Eight Foot Waterfall Accents Spa

  • Rustic, Industrial Kitchen with Wrought Iron Dining Chairs
    Wrought Iron Dining Chairs in Rustic, Industrial Kitchen

  • Updated Exterior and Second Floor Addition
    Classic Rambler with Added Second Story and Updated Exterior

  • Warm Accent Colors in Open Concept Kitchen
    Open Concept Kitchen with Warm Accent Colors

  • Remodeled Kitchen with Repurposed Open Shelving
    Repurposed Open Shelving Adds Storage to Remodeled Kitchen

  • Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining Space with Sliding Glass Doors
    Glass Sliding Doors Create Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining Space

  • Custom, Rustic Look in Remodeled Kitchen with Repurposed Cabinets
    Repurposed Cabinets Give Remodeled Kitchen a Custom, Rustic Look

  • Faux Fur Cushion on Wrought Iron Dining Chair
    Wrought Iron Dining Chair with Faux Fur Cushion

  • Asian Inspired Funtcional Kitchen
    Functional Asian Inspired Kitchen

  • Outdoor Fireplace in Covered Cabana
    Covered Cabana with Outdoor Fireplace

  • Indoor/Outdoor Bluestone Patio
    Bluestone Indoor/Outdoor Patio

  • Finished Kitchen Picture with Chip Wade
    Chip Wade Poses in Finished Kitchen

  • Open, Inviting Colonial Home with Neutral Colors and Natural Light
    Neutral Color Palette and Natural Light Create Open, Inviting Colonial Home

  • Blown Glass Lighting and Terrariums
    Custom Lighting and Terarriums