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  • This master bedroom features an aged copper tub and iron chandelier.
    Master Bathroom With Aged Copper Tub

  • Beachfront Balcony
    Beachfront Balcony With Dining Table

  • This kitchen features hardwood floors and a mirrored range.
    Large Kitchen With Mirrored Range Hood

  • Mediterranean Exterior and Balconies
    White Mediterranean Exterior and Balconies

  • This rustic living area includes lake views and a stone fireplace.
    Living Area With Lake Views and Stone Fireplace

  • This rustic family room features high ceilings and a brick fireplace.
    Family Room With Brick Fireplace and High Ceilings

  • White Mediterranean Garage
    White Mediterranean Garage Exterior

  • White Living Room With Gray Pillows
    White Coastal Living Room With Gray Pillows

  • Sitting Area With Black Fireplace
    White Sitting Area With Black Fireplace

  • French Colonial Revival Exterior at Night, Paver Driveway With Palms
    French Colonial Revival Home Exterior

  • This living room features water views and a 24-foot ceiling.
    Living Room With High Ceiling and Lake Views

  • This renovated kitchen features a rustic vibe and chef's oven.
    Renovated Kitchen With Chef's Oven

  • This staircase features a mounted deer head.
    Staircase With Mounted Deer Head

  • This master bedroom features a wall of gallery artwork.
    Master Bedroom With Gallery Art

  • This rustic basement features brick arches and a leather sofa.
    Rustic Basement With Brick Arches and Leather Sofa

  • This guest bedroom is decorated in shades of beige.
    Guest Bedroom Decorated in Beige Tones

  • This children's bedroom features blackbird art and a wrought-iron bed.
    Children's Bedroom With Blackbird Art

  • This bedroom features knotty pine walls and purple bedspread.
    Rustic Bedroom With Knotty Pine Walls