Wet Bar

Photo By John Anderson Photography; Design By: Nathan J. Reynolds, Insperiors

Wet Bar With Handy Refrigerator Drawer

If you have a bit more room to play with, the wet bar offers the opportunity to incorporate extra refrigeration, a second sink and even a recycling center. Designer Nathan J. Reynolds fit all this and more into this project. “This wet bar was designed with entertaining in mind,” he says. “The top refrigerator drawer is perfect for storing cold water, soda, beer — even juice boxes for the kids. The bottom freezer drawer makes ice and is great for chilling glasses and liquor. Fill the sink up with ice and display the beverages offered to guests for the evening. The far right drawer is handy for bottle openers, napkins and bar utensils for the bartender. Below the drawer is a recycling center pull-out with trash and recycling for the empty bottles. The countertop space is generous for displaying beverages and making your favorite cocktail.”