Pond with Koi and Waterfall

Photo By Steve Silverman Imaging

Tranquil Waterfall and Pond Seating Area

Hand-picked Japanese Denuchi Koi may be seen frolicking in three bays as they swim among mostly tropical water plants. The 30,000-gallon water garden incorporates 205 tons of Erie-Banded Taconite, along with 50 tons of grey trap. A series of four waterfalls tops out over 6 feet tall and circulates approximately 25,000 gallons of water per hour. The waterfalls deliver an enveloping melody that completely masks all traffic sound. The design juxtaposes strict formal lines and shapes with free-form movement and informality. This contrast is unusually refreshing and accentuates the motif. Traditional Balinese Gardens utilize water and represent life and pleasure to the Indonesian people.