Old-School Service Culture Blends with Modernity in Rebranding

Photo By Matt Garcia

Rebranding of Hill Country Apothecary Combines the Old-School Service Culture with Modern Technology

The design of the storefront for this apothecary is all about lifestyle, mixing a contemporary look with an old-world service culture. Prescriptions are hand crafted on-site where a clean discrete box allow patrons to view their medications being created, and fresh drinks are served by an in-store juice bar. Air and light quality were designed to take advantage of simple, sustainable and natural materials result in clean spaces to serve and be served in. The branding, clear and bold, was integrated into an architectural element-a supergraphic shelf-which revitalized the strip mall storefront. Comfortable and uplifting, unlike typical pharmacies, this multi-functional space serves up a dose of handcrafted goods with a modern style.