Homegrown Peaches On Tree

Photo By Julie Martens Forney

Peach Scab Disease

A fungus is the culprit behind the black spots on peaches. It’s known as peach scab, and round spots that start out small and green slowly become black and almost velvety. With heavy infections, peaches may crack or be misshapen. As with most fungal diseases, wet weather is the trigger for infection to occur. It’s okay to eat peaches with scab. Just peel the fruit and remove any soft or brown spots. To help prevent this disease, clean up all fallen leaves, twigs and fruit. Prune to open up the tree’s inner canopy and increase air flow. Check with your local extension office for fungicide spray recommendations, which should start when petals fall from flowers in spring. Peach scab also affects nectarines and apricots.