Photo By Sunny Seagold

Pack the Right Stuff

Most owners on RVshare stock their rentals with basics like RV-safe toilet paper and basic kitchen utensils. Our Winnie also came with towels, bedding and even a small charcoal grill, so all we had to bring were our clothes, food and toiletries. There were a few extra items that made our trip more comfortable: Dramamine (at highway speeds, the back of a motorhome can sway like a boat); ear plugs (in case of snoring family members or loud neighbors); and air freshener—even a newer RV like the one we drove, the bathroom can generate funky smells after you flush or when the waste tanks get full. We also fell in love with a pair of Vaya Drynk travel mugs that literally kept our coffees hot for six to eight hours—having hot java at our fingertips was an unexpected luxury.