Girl in Fairy Princess Costume

Fairy Princess Halloween Costume

To apply fairy princess makeup, begin with a pearly eye shadow. Then add pink blush on the cheeks. Next, apply self-adhesive glittering jewels on forehead like a princess' tiara, and then apply additional jewels under eyebrows, on cheekbones or anywhere you like. Tip: You can find self-adhesive jewels in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store. Make sure your child doesn't have any adhesive allergies before continuing with this step. Keeping away from the sensitive eye area, dab face lotion on the cheeks and surrounding the jewel tiara on forehead. Have model close her eyes then apply cosmetic glitter where lotion was applied. Paint lips with a sparkly pink lipstick or tinted lip-gloss. Finish the look with a fairy princess costume.