DIY Kitchen Island

Photo By Brooke Norsworthy

DIY Red Kitchen Island With Stainless Steel Countertop

Island construction is essentially simple; it’s a project most experienced woodworkers could manage fairly easily. Designer Brooke Norsworthy took on the project herself, building an oversized island with seating for four. She explains her process: “Using Ana White’s kitchen cabinet plans, I built these cabinets by hand using PureBond plywood with poplar trim. The island consists of four cabinets: two 24" bases and two 21" bases. I made the frame for the counter using plywood and 2x4s and took it to my local metal shop to be wrapped in stainless steel. I screwed the legs directly into the countertop just before I glued down the metal, creating a very spacious 4' x 8' kitchen island.”