Gray Midcentury Modern Nursery With Polka Dot Window Treatment

Photo By Christian Garibaldi

Boy's Nursery Features Peacock & Yellow Polka Dot Roman Shade

Not the nursery we grew up with, Pattern Play is a result of the client’s love of graphic patterns and color. This long room lacked architectural features. What seemed like a negative became the perfect playground for the offbeat mix of patterns, texture and color. By turning the room upside down (stripes on ceiling), designer Karen Wolf created a focal point, leading to the giant window showcasing the star of the room -Dwell Studios “Brushed Dot” fabric with peacock and yellow polka dots. The main challenge in the space was a balancing act on how to make all these patterns and colors work. Tricks of the Trade: 1. Create a focal point in the room. 2. Pop your accent color at least three times around the room. Note the mustard yellow. 3. Ground your space with neutrals to provide a place for the eye to rest. (Crème shag and gray Jim Thompson textured wallpaper). 4. Use black, white or gray. There is always a place for these classic colors. Ferm Living Half Moon Wallpaper. 5. Change up scale of patterns. Medium sized wallpaper print, large stripes and small bedding prints. 6. Mix up the patterns: Circles, Stripes, Brushstrokes, Chevron, Ditsy, Solid and Abstract. 7. Throw in an unexpected color – Red art. 8. Play with sheen and lustre, high to low. 9. Have fun and let yourself go. Design is a layering process and sometimes you need to delayer, start over and layer again. Mistakes happen and that is OK.