Apple Dumpling With Ice Cream

Photo By Julie Martens Forney

Apple Dumpling For Dessert

Whip up a batch of apple dumplings for a crowd-pleasing dessert. Pastry-wrapped apples nestled into a sweet caramel sauce aren’t difficult to make. They hold their own when served as dessert at an elegant dinner or cozy family supper. The secret to success is to use a pastry that contains butter and egg yolk. That blend is pliable enough to make wrapping apples a breeze. (Pastry with shortening is too short and tends to break.) Serve warm apple dumplings solo, or pair with ice cream, milk or cream. If you don’t want to gobble all the pastry calories, try your hand at making baked apples (baked whole apples with skins on). They’re decadent enough for even the sweetest tooth in your gang.