10 Coastal-Cool Spaces From Our Best Beach Shows

Love beach style? Get design inspiration from How Close Can I Beach?, Island Life and Caribbean Life.

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Bright Coral Paint

Beach style doesn’t always have to be ocean blues and sea glass green. Coral can evoke beach vibes, too. We love the bright, coral paint on this home from How Close Can I Beach?.

Go Bold With Fabric

If you live in a rental and can’t paint, fabric is a great way to play with color. These teal cushions as seen on Caribbean Life really pop on the patio furniture and remind us of the Caribbean’s famous blue waters.


You don’t have to clutter your home with tons of shells or jars of sand to get the beach look. Surfer-chic style is beachy, too. This little vignette of knick-knacks as seen on How Close Can I Beach? has a fun, beach-bum vibe.

Rich Dark Wood

One of the best features about tropical island style is the super dark, rich wood as seen in this bedroom from Island Life. It pairs perfectly with breezy blue textiles for a fresh, calming color palette.

Splurge on an Umbrella

Even if you don’t live anywhere near the water, a cabana tent or table umbrella just gives you that feeling of being in a luxurious, sunny place. A pool doesn’t hurt either. We love this tranquil yard as seen on Island Life.

Bright Blue Walls

If you want to paint your home a beachy color, blue is always a solid choice. This bright blue exterior from Island Life is, in our opinion, the ultimate beach hue.

Beachy Can Be Modern

Beach style has a bad rep for shabby chic cottages with shelves packed with jars of sand, but it doesn’t have to be so literal. This transitional living room from Island Life riffs off the beachy color palette with ocean blue, grass green and pops of coral pink. And there’s absolutely no cutesy decor.

Statement Decor

Beach style can turn into a kitschy disaster if you pile on the knick-knacks. Instead, choose one statement piece. We love the coral-inspired lamps in this bedroom from Island Life. It’s just enough to convey a coastal theme...without going overboard.

Classic Color Palette

Blue, white and red will always scream nautical. But if you take out the color red, blue and white creates a classic, serene color palette that is more of a beachy light vibe as seen in this living from Island Life. Navy blue is a great way to incorporate beach style in a more sophisticated way.

Coral + Canvas

If you tend to gravitate toward pinks and reds on the color wheel, coral is a solid choice for decorating in beach style. The color pairs really well with beachy textures, such as canvas or wicker, as seen in this bedroom from Caribbean Life.

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