30 Stunning Landscape Design Ideas

These beautiful outdoor spaces will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and put your green thumb to work.

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Photo By: Harold Leidner Company Landscape Architects

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Photo By: Kenny Collins, The Collins Group, Inc.

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Luxe Levels

This multi-leveled outdoor space is a peaceful place to spend time with company or with a good book. It inspires a life of luxury with a small, stone-paved sitting area adjacent to a soothing koi pond bordered by a neat, fenced hedge.

In Full Bloom

This open-air cottage is a stunning spot to thumb through the morning paper or host late-spring soirees. The wisteria-framed pavilion, weathered-finished gate and blooming flowerbeds come together to create a magical, storybook setting.

Symmetrical + Statement-Making

From the back deck, guests are greeted with a spectacular, sweeping valley view and a show-stopping formal garden. Symmetrical beds of bright grass are framed by pavers to surround the focal point of the landscape: the glamorous, geometric reflecting pool.

Build a Bridge

There’s a fairytale quality to this stunning stone footpath, made complete with a small garden bridge. Recreate the magic and construct a stone or brick bridge above the stream, creek or even any irksome crevices on your property — and don't forget to uplight it!

Mirror the Exterior

The landscape seen here mirrors the cool, modern lines seen in the exterior of the home. Crisp grass and minimal shrubs add to the minimalist approach and offer a chic, easy-to-maintain space for outdoor entertaining.

Boxed-In Grass

A no-fail way to create a tailored, high-end design for your lawn? Use boxwood to evenly line the edges. Not only is this hearty shrub easy to maintain, but it ups the style ante for your home in a major way.

Stretch Your Green Thumb

Let your talented green thumb extend from the lawn onto the patio. A plethora of posies and trellises of climbing plants add color, texture and personality to the stucco exterior of this Mediterranean home.

Frame the Front

Climbing ivy and two tall Cypress trees grow to the height of this breathtaking Mediterranean estate. The facade of the home is made more beautiful still by the vivid green grass peeking through the terracotta pavers of the front drive.

Swirling Shrubs

Boxwoods are bound to make a statement in your landscape. Use this stylish, swirling boxwood design as inspiration to create a whimsical design of your own.

Sparse Chic

This contemporary pergola and outdoor kitchen/dining area prove there’s no need to plant overflowing hydrangeas and rosebushes to pull off a pretty landscape. Spiky shrubs are planted symmetrically to complement the geometric influence of the space.


Make the most of every square inch of your property and up your chances of coming in under par, all at once. A once underused corner of this space was transformed into a personal putting green.

Flirty Fence

A white picket fence is the true American dream, right? Dress that dreamy fence to the nines and plant fresh, blooming flowers along the side. Recreate this look and the pop of pink roses and purple posies are guaranteed to make your home a stylish standout in the neighborhood.

Add a Fashionable Fountain

A large, lovely brick water fountain featuring several spouts and a concrete bench for guests to chat is built into this lush garden wall. Thick foliage and pops of ivory blooms soften the landscape and create a design that feels both intimate and elegant.

Play Koi

Can you say "wow factor?" Water is heard as it gently pours from hand-chiseled stone into an elongated pool filled with colorful koi fish and blooming water lilies. Recreate this sophisticated stone pond at home for a personal place to seek tranquility.

Wall of Blooms

A wall of blooming flowers creates drama in this gorgeous Fixer Upper garden. We adore the juxtaposition of the overgrown, organic wall of flowers and the rows of structured flowerbeds and vegetable gardens that lie behind it.

Mixing Textures

Steel mixes with stone and wood for a rustic-meets-contemporary outdoor space. A sleek pergola provides shade over the raised deck, while streamlined stairs lead down to backyard and swimming pool area. Well-planned landscaping creates an organic yet sculptural design that seamlessly blends all the outdoor areas.

Poised Entry

A blooming, flower-lined walkway leads to a luxurious private estate garden. Brick walls and a classic wooden gate sets the tone and adds privacy to the backyard, surrounded by boxwood hedges.

Forge a Path

Inspired by the tranquility of traditional Asian gardens, this stunning, multicolored round river stone walkway encourages an intentional, quiet reflection. The meandering shape of the path defines the surrounding green spaces, while the varying sizes and textures of the stone promote concentrated steps, causing visitors to slow their pace and relax.

Mimic Nature

Take note from this lilac-framed landscape and use nature as your guide in creating a lush, cottage-inspired design. This naturalistic pond was planted with an array of aquatic plants to create an authentic garden feel.

Dramatic Diamond Design

Set in a dreamy diamond pattern that appears equal parts glamorous and unapologetic, the driveway of this black and white home stuns. The pop of green grass peeking through adds a burst of energy to this high-end home.

Landscape Meets Cityscape

Landscapes aren’t exclusive to land, you know. Case and point: this rooftop terrace off a modern penthouse. The space proves the power of some oversized, concrete planters, creamy white blooms and well-kept shrubs.

Grow Shade

We’re filing this one under #PoolGoals. Recreate the design and use pretty, climbing plants and tropical shrubs to create shade atop your poolside pergola. Pro tip: don't forget your frozen mojito while you're out there.

Twinkle, Twinkle

Following a brick path from the outdoor dining space, visitors can dreamily stroll to the intimate, illuminated sitting area in this lush backyard. But what really makes this landscape impeccably gorgeous? Overflowing raised planters, lush green grass and oversized, fairy tale-esque topiaries.

Minimalist Approach

Minimalists, where you at? This landscape is speaking your language. A wall of petite, precisely-spaced shrubs line the garden wall behind a modern, sunken fire pit. The crisp design continues with a sleek stretch of grass, free from all embellishment save two sculptural boulders.

Old World Elegance

We're in awe of this overgrown-yet-opulent estate. Over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs and ground covers create an ever-changing palette of garden delight, adding cottage charm to an already charming stone house.

Playful by the Pool

This lush, tropical landscape features playful pavers by the pool that create a coveted spot to hang out in the sun. DIY this look at home by creating a unique paver pattern of your own. Herringbone, anyone?

Play-Up the Views

Use your property as inspiration when selecting landscaping materials. This flagstone and gravel patio and fire pit serve as stylish complements to nature and blend seamlessly into the breathtaking California views.

Colorful Pavers

Lacking a green thumb? Not a problem. You don't need posies to bring color into your landscape. Saturate your garden with statement-making shades of blue, green or gray tile pavers. These glossy, blue chevron tile pavers ensure that this garden is full of lively color, with or without the presence of blooming flowers.

It's All Up From Here

Elevate your landscape design by utilizing plants as thoughtful accessories. Here, vines grow in a playful, crisscross design to embellish the otherwise plain garden shed. Looking for a pop of color? Dreamy, dripping wisteria will knock you off your feet.

Expand the Horizon

Ornamental grasses are reflected in the calm waters of the pool, visually expanding the landscape. Hey, you've heard that mirrors will make a room appear larger, right? Same rule applies here, with the surface of your pool or pond. Capitalize on this and pick your poolside plants wisely.

Stick With Spikes

Modern homes should have landscapes to match, yes? This sleek home stays true to its aesthetic by using spiky and structured plants to frame the long, concrete staircase and entryway.

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