Kids' Room Ideas That Are as Stylish as They Are Playful

While we're often preoccupied with the grown-up spaces in our homes, it's important to remember that kid-friendly rooms deserve just as much design-forward attention. Get a playful look — that still fits your overall aesthetic — by taking a few notes from these interiors that nail the balance between style and function.

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February 16, 2018

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Platform Bed on Wheels

With constantly changing needs and must-haves, it can be a challenge to establish a space that can be updated as needed. A fun hack that adds unique flair? A wood platform bed on wheels. This new bed setup is just as stylish as it is functional. Say goodbye to standard frames or bunking situations and opt for something that’s totally cool. Place a small-scale mattress right on top along with oh so cute linens and throw pillows galore. With the neutral wood, any spread will look chic and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house. The best part? You can scoot this bed around the room to ensure the most epic play dates will ensue.

Fun Shelves

Sure, hidden storage is easy when it comes to endless toys, but opting for exposed shelves adds an unexpected dose of whimsy. Skip trunks, drawers and closets and give this kid-friendly trend a try. Whether you go for toys that are played with every day or a collection chosen purely for aesthetics, age appropriate decorations are a must. Avoid uninspiring walls and spruce them up with the items that your children love the most instead. From charming collectibles to their favorites stuffed animal pals, this display unit will instantly upgrade any generic space.

Built-In Homework Station

When it comes to kids' rooms, making sure you check the essentials off of the list is a must. While homework time may not be the most fun thing for youngsters, hitting the books is a daily chore that’s just unavoidable. One way to make book reports and studying a bit more tolerable is to incorporate a fun setup that they can call their own. Rather than stationing themselves at the kitchen table or couch, kids will love having a mini office right in their own bedroom. Whether you go for a desk built into a nook or a free standing option, there are plenty of ways to make this area both stylish and fun. With eye-catching wallpaper, splashes of color and brightly hued accessories, homework time just might start feeling fun.

Basket Storage

Storage woes are often times unavoidable, especially if you’re tight on space and have a growing family. Rather than settling for a standard approach, utilize baskets to keep organized and get your kids involved. Create an organizing system so that similar toys and essentials are grouped together and housed in the same basket. At the end of the day you can simply toss everything that’s been taken out into a basket and slide it back into its place. Not only will every toy and set of crayons have a designated spot to call home, but you’ll no longer struggle to find misplaced items come morning. Whether they’re woven, metal, plastic, or anything in between, these storage options are anything but eyesores. Leave them on the floor or arrange them on the shelves — no matter what, these baskets will quickly become a stylish lifesaver.

Play Tent

Add some serious fun by introducing a play tent into the mix. This addition will surely take playtime to the next level. Rather than dealing with messy makeshift forts and piles of toys strewn about, one simple upgrade will turn any room into the most popular play date spot in your home. Whether you buy one from a store or try out a DIY version, this boho-chic tent is guaranteed to be a piece both you and your kids will become obsessed with. Aside from endless hours of fun, this accent will look stylish and on-trend in just about any corner.

Playful Patterns

A no-fail way to achieve a complex statement look in any room is to mix and match. Whether it’s different colors, materials or patterns, an unlikely duo pays off in the end. Try this out in your little one’s room, too. From the wallpaper to bedding and flooring, a few different patterns coming together will make for a striking visual that will transform a generic setup. Both you and your kids can let your imaginations run wild to create something together that is out of this world. Don’t know where to start? Take some notes from this interior and stick to one cohesive color palette.

At-Home Library

Whether you’re reading to your kids before they fall asleep or they’ve blossomed into reading on their own, having a little collection of books is essential. Rather than storing these in haphazard piles, put a fun twist on standard bookcases and make one accessible to even the tiniest of tykes. Install some simple shelves at a low level so that every read is easily at their fingertips. Rather than aligning the tomes like you may do for your own, take a cue from bookstores and have the covers facing out. Since the cover art is often times vibrant — and totally cute — this little library will also add a splash of color and decorative accents to the space.

Writing on the Walls

If you’re looking for ways to create an eye-catching statement, whimsical wire wording is an option that any kiddo will admire. Spell out a favorite word or phrase right on the wall to introduce endless inspiration. Whether it’s sprawled across in a vibrant color or done up in a playful pattern, this DIY project is one that won’t be missed. Decorate the rest of the room in a minimalist manner to really let those larger-than-life letters pop.

Wow With Wallpaper

Kids' rooms can be tough to tackle when it comes to furniture and decoration since they grow quickly and their likes and dislikes constantly shift. Keeping a space that fits their demanding standards can be tough. Luckily, with so many removable wallpapers on the market these days, you can give any space an update that can be replaced if and when necessary. Involve your kids in the selection process and compromise on a wall pattern that you both will love. From pastel flowers splashed across the walls to decals of their favorite animals, this easy update will bring tons of swoon-worthy personality to your little ones space.

Minimalist Style

Just because it’s for the kids doesn’t mean you should have to skimp on style. If you’re looking to pull off a sophisticated look or a minimalist-inspired design, this is the home for you to take some notes from. Forget about generic options and give your interior a magazine-worthy edge. From sheepskin textiles and woven accent chairs to exposed wood beams and plush poufs, your design-forward space will wow. Choose one understated quality to highlight — like the elevated playspace in this room — for an aspect that will delight your little ones, too.

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