10 Interiors That Make the Case for Built-In Shelving

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s built-in shelving options that we’re totally swooning over. While you may think that this look is a bit too traditional for your liking, we’re confident that these interiors will leave you with a new view on the permanent fixtures.

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July 07, 2017

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Sleek Media Unit

A wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling situation is a major statement, and we can’t get enough of it. Disguising your TV in your living space is always a tricky situation, but it’s a lot easier with the help of some quality design. This oversized media unit is the highlight of the room, and is instantly made thanks to the impeccable styling of the individual shelves. Steer clear of clutter and create miniature vignettes to turn standard cubbies into a sleek statement wall.

Makeshift Workspace

Any area of your home can easily be converted into an office, and that includes a section of a built-in shelving unit. Decorate the shelves with items you would find in a standard office to complete the home office look to perfection. Bookends, pencil holders and all sorts of organizational items can and should be used here to make generic shelves inspire you to get through that workload.

Wallpaper Backdrop

If you’re uninspired by your built-ins, you can give them an instant facelift with the help of wallpaper. Choose your favorite bold pattern, color or texture and spruce up the backdrop. This bold element will add depth to the overall space and make the items you display really pop.

Door Frame Shelves

Permanent storage options may not be for everyone, but the door frame approach will turn just about anybody into a believer. Any doorway can be turned into a dramatic focal point thanks to a shelf-heavy frame like this. Fill the shelves with your prettiest of kitchen accessories and cookbooks to make a restaurant-esque cooking space. Want to take it one step further? Consider painting the door frame itself a darker shade to really make this new architectural addition stand out.

Styled Shelving

Make sure your shelves fit your unique style and design aesthetic by showing them a little extra love. If you’re bored of what’s currently installed, switch them out for something more your taste, like these natural wood beauties. This wood on white contrast ties the bedroom together perfectly and allows for decorative accents to seamlessly be added in. Rustic pottery, plants galore and more bring these shelves to life.

Behind Closed Doors

Just because your home has built-in shelves, doesn’t mean you have to leave them exposed. We know that dusting can get to be a pain, especially if you’re displaying your favorite accessories. Doors are your friends in this situation, and can add a fun dose of farmhouse style to just about any space. Glass doors allow you to still see your perfectly curated collection, but keep things a bit more tidy. Stylish and functional? Don’t mind if we do.

Mini Library

Built-ins often times make for the most charming libraries. While standard bookcases have their appeal, this wall takeover can turn any corner into the reading nook of your dreams. Fill these shelves completely with books, but be sure to add a few extra touches to really achieve that mini library vibe. Additional lighting and cozy cushions will make the space feel warm and welcoming for your next reading session.

Built-in Cubes

Built-in shelves and cabinets don’t necessarily have to be floor-to-ceiling or take up a complete wall. No matter the width of the space, you can create extra storage or a room within a room by incorporating this building approach. This desk and the additional storage cubes are all built right into the walls, but still look modern and on-trend. Keep this unit looking fresh by layering a few of your favorite framed pieces of art and keeping a stylish chair nearby to really finalize the look.

Painted Cabinets

More often than not when we see built-ins, they’re white. While a lighter shade will make the room feel bigger, it can get boring if you’re a fan of color and contrast. Choose a color you love that you’re confident you won’t get sick of, and turn your unit into something truly unique. This dark blue option is unexpected, but totally works. Soften the overall look by adding in bright and colorful objects to make sure the navy has its desired impact.

Fun Contrast

Extra storage is a must in all situations, but especially when kids are involved. With so many toys and baby must-haves, things can no doubt get a little overwhelming. Wall cubbies help you avoid seeing toys strewn across the floor at the end of every day. Make it a bit more playful by painting the wall to add a bold backdrop for a fun, kid-friendly style. We guarantee this approach will be much better than stepping on a rogue Lego in the middle of the night.

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