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  • Mediterranean Outdoor Lounge Area
    Shaded Lounge Set Up With Wicker Chairs, Red and Blue Throw Pillows and Large Standing Umbrella

  • Seating Area With Sculpture, House Plants
    Seating Area With Armchairs, Sculpture

  • Eclectic living room with art
    Eclectic Living Room Showcases Mixed Artwork

  • Traditional Neutral Sitting Room With Large Windows and Cream Sofa
    Traditional Light-Filled Room Lovely for Entertaining

  • Window Reading Area With Gray Chair and Contemporary End Table
    Bedroom Sitting Area With Gray Chenille Chair

  • Country Sitting Room
    Contemporary Black and White Chair in Country Fireplace Sitting Room

  • Neutral Sitting Area With Gray Loveseat, Colorful Art & Small Bathroom
    Contemporary Sitting Room With Convenient, Adjacent Bath

  • Traditional, Neutral Sitting Room in Master Bedroom
    Elegant Sitting Room in Traditional Master Bedroom

  • Sitting Room With Blue Sofa
    Contemporary Sitting Room With Blue Sofa

  • White Contemporary Sitting Area With Black Chaise, Floor Lamp
    Stylish Sitting Area With Comfy Chaise

  • Midcentury Modern Sitting Room With Built-In Bench & Blue Cushions
    Midcentury Modern Lounge With Cushioned Bench

  • Sitting Area With Pink Velvet Sofa
    Pink Contemporary Sitting Area With Velvet Sofa

  • Contemporary Black and White Sitting Room
    Sectional With Alternating Black and White Cushions & Speaker Throw Pillows

  • Neutral Traditional Sitting Room
    Historically Glamorous Traditional Sitting Room in France

  • Purple room with white bookcase, velvet chairs and accessories.
    Eggplant Sitting Area With Yellow Flowers

  • White Sitting Room with Black and White Banquette and Two Blue Chairs
    Contemporary White SittingRoom with Black and White Banquette

  • Orange shades slide to block the sun over a pergola.
    Sliding Canvas Sun Shades

  • Turquoise Art Deco Sitting Room
    Turquoise Art Deco Sitting Room With Blue Sofa