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  • Rills: Narrow Garden Canals

  • Garden Nook With Bench and Stairs

  • Modern White Outdoor Fireplace

  • Raised Beds With Ornamental Grass Around Outdoor Fireplace

  • Modern Home Exterior With Elegant Front Entry Lighting

  • Gabion Garden

  • Minimalist Modern Garden

  • Serene and Relaxing Hillside Pool

  • Modern Outdoor Room With Table and Recliner

  • Modern Figure Sculpture in Garden Design

  • Modern Patio With Views

  • Wood Blocks Intermingle With Foliage Plants in Modern Garden

  • Modern Garden Pool

  • Modern Deck Design With Outdoor Fireplace

  • Modern Private Two Story Garden With Wood Flooring

  • Modern Backyard with Raised Walkway

  • Modern Concrete House Under Construction

  • Recycled Bottles Used as Decorative Element

Rills: Narrow Garden Canals

2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited DK - Garden Design View original photo.

Garden Nook With Bench and Stairs


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