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  • White and Gray Living Room With Plants and Spiral Staircase
    Modern City Apartment With Custom Spiral Staircase

  • Mid-Century Modern Brick Foyer
    Brick Foyer With Curved Staircase

  • White Southwestern Stairs
    Winding Staircase With Dark Wood Steps and Matching Railing and Bold, Colorful Southwestern Runner

  • Wooden Staircase With Black Railing Spirals Down Several Floors
    Spiral Staircase in Modern Townhouse

  • Modern Stairs
    Modern Stairs With Glass Wall

  • Mod Natural Stairs
    Modern Glass and Wood Staircase

  • Floating Stairwell
    Floating Stairwell With Glass Wall

  • Sweeping Foyer Staircase in Wallpapered Foyer, Green Stair Runner
    Elegant Foyer With Sweeping Staircase

  • Traditional Foyer With Double Staircase
    Luxurious Entryway is a Stunning Welcome

  • Foyer With Metal Spiral Staircase and Mirrored Round Glass Table
    Contemporary Foyer With Metal Spiral Staircase

  • Heart-Shaped Staircase
    Heart-Shaped Staircase in Luxury Home

  • Entryway With White Paneling, Oversized Chandelier and Wood Stairs
    Foyer With Spiral Wood Staircase and Large Chandelier

  • Colonial Stairs With Runner
    Colonial Foyer and Stairs With Sisal Runner

  • Geometric Playroom with Bold Colors
    Bold Colored, Geometric Playroom

  • Modern Staircase in Bachelor Pad
    Industrial Meets Modern Staircase

  • Dramatic Glass Chandelier Focal Point for Double Staircase
    Magnificent Contemporary Shimmering Double Staircase With Matching Water Feature

  • Transitional Staircase With Wood Console, Area Rug and Round Mirror
    Transitional Foyer With Elegant Staircase

  • Chalkboard Wall and Small Kid Table in Playroom
    Contemporary Playroom With Engaging Chalkboard Wall