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  • White Dining Table & Two Benches on Neutral Rug in Blue Dining Room
    Cottage Dining Room With Whitewashed Table & Benches

  • Navy Dining Room With White Wood Work, Large Globe Pendant
    Contemporary Globe Pendant Sets Dining Room Apart

  • Wallpapered dining room with fireplace
    French Country Dining Room with Floral Wallpaper

  • Blue Dining Room with Trestle Table
    Blue Contemporary Dining Room

  • Blue Country Dining Room
    Country Dining Room With Wood Furniture, Built-In White Cabinets and Concrete Floor

  • Blue Dining Room With Midcentury Modern Dining Table and Chairs
    Blue Midcentury Modern Dining Room and Kitchen Bar

  • Breakfast Nook with Window
    Fixer Upper, Season 2: Episode 204

  • Contemporary Dining Room With Wallpaper
    Bue and Brown Contemporary Dining Room With Wallpaper

  • Blue Front Door and Living Room
    Navy Blue Front Door and Living Room

  • Cottage Dining Room With Built-In Cabinets
    Cottage Dining Room is Inviting Place to Gather

  • Dining Room with Blue Grasscloth and Wainscoting
    Dining Room With Shades and Textures of Blue

  • Bright White Millwork in Blue Dining Room
    White Paint in Dining Room Highlights Historic Millwork

  • Blue Country Dining Room With View of Contemporary Kitchen
    Country Wood Dining Set Adjacent to Contemporary Kitchen

  • Traditional Dining Room With Classic Holiday Decor
    Plaid Throws Add Seasonal Decoration, Touch of Coziness to Dining Room

  • Blue Dining Area With Graphic Equestrian Artwork
    Bold Blue Dining Room With Art Deco Sideboard

  • Dining Room with Peacock Blue Walls
    Contemporary Dining Room With Peacock Blue Walls

  • Cottage Breakfast Nook With Banquette
    Inviting, Cottage Breakfast Nook

  • Blue Dining Room With Traditional Wood Table and Bronze Chandelier
    Blue Dining Room With Bronze Chandelier