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  • Seamless Blend of Wood and Metal Create Industrial Design
    Wood and Metal Blend to Create Seamless Industrial Design

  • Kitchen with Modern, Industrial Features
    Modern, Industrial Kitchen

  • Faux Fur Cushion on Wrought Iron Dining Chair
    Wrought Iron Dining Chair with Faux Fur Cushion

  • Modern Industrial Kitchen With Black and Gray Cabinets
    Industrial Barstools in Modern Kitchen

  • Industrial Kitchen With Blue Barstools
    Industrial Open Kitchen With Blue Barstools

  • Modern, Rustic-Industrial Kitchen with Black Matte Finishes
    Black Matte Finishes in Modern, Rustic-Industrial Kitchen

  • Rustic Industrial Kitchen with Gray Marble Countertop
    Gray Marble Countertop Pops in Rustic Industrial Kitchen

  • Rustic-Industrial Kitchen with Open Shelves
    Open Shelves in Modern, Rustic-Industrial Kitchen

  • Kitchen with Butcher Block Island
    Use Scale and Material To Create an Urban Loft Feel

  • Breakfast Nook with Rustic Centerpiece
    Rustic Centerpiece in Breakfast Nook

  • Open, Industrial Kitchen with Design Aspects that Create Boundaries
    New Design Aspects Give Boundaries to Open, Industrial Kitchen

  • Open Concept Design in Bright, Industrial Kitchen
    Bright, Industrial Kitchen with Open Concept Design

  • Modern, Rustic-Industrial Kitchen with Barn Door
    Barn Door Covers Pantry Entrance in Modern, Rustic-Industrial Kitchen

  • Communal Kitchen and Dining Area with Concrete Floor and Garage Door
    Concrete Floor and Steel and Glass Garage Door in Communal Kitchen and Dining Area

  • Rustic, Industrial Kitchen with Farmhouse Dining Table
    Farmhouse Dining Table with Wrought Iron Chairs in Rustic, Industrial Kitchen

  • Industrial Space with Modern, Geometrical Details
    Modern, Geometrical Details in Industrial Space

  • Remodeled Kitchen with Farmhouse Sink and White Pendant Light
    Farmhouse Sink and White Pendant Light in Remodeled Kitchen

  • Kitchen Space Maximized with Large Kitchen Island
    Large Kitchen Island Maximizes Kitchen Space