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  • Colorful Girl's Bedroom
    Girl's Bedroom with Coral Dresser

  • Transitional Kids Room
    Girl's Bedroom with Pink Floral Wallpaper

  • Boho Girls Bedroom
    Boho Girl's Room with Floral Wallpaper

  • Transitional Kids Room
    Kids Room with Ladder Shelf

  • Collected Big Girl Room
    Big Girl Room That Feels Collected

  • Navy and White Big Boy Room
    Astronaut Big Boy Room

  • Contemporary girls' room
    Girls' Bed Styled With Gold Sheets, Sequined Pillows

  • White Coastal Kids Bedroom With Bunk Beds and Red and Blue Accents
    Nautical Theme Bunk Room

  • Girl's Bedroom: Grand Manor in Greenwich, Conn.
    Girl's Bedroom: Grand Manor in Greenwich, Conn.

  • Pink Modern Girl's Bedroom
    Pink and White Modern Girl's Bedroom

  • Eclectic Girls Room
    Girls Bedroom with Butterfly Wallpaper

  • White Eclectic Girls Room
    Girls Room with Butterfly Wallpaper Accent Wall

  • Cottage-Style Kids' Bedroom With Double Bunk Beds and Navy Accents
    Kids' Bedroom With Double Bunk Beds

  • Coastal White Kids' Bedroom With White Bunk Beds and Lifeguard Chair
    Kids' Bunk Room Features Fresh Coastal Design

  • Boho-chic bedroom with patterned linens
    Boho-Chic Bedroom Features Patterned Linens

  • Big Girl Bedroom with Custom Night Stand
    Custom Night Stands in Big Girl Bedroom

  • Transitional Kids Bedroom
    Floral Bedroom Reading Nook with Crochet Swinging Chair

  • Modern White Kids' Room With Chandelier, Bench & Built-In Storage
    Modern Kids Room With Youthful Geometric Chandelier, Colors & Sleek Storage