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  • Pool Space Kept Safe with Simple, Modern Fence
    Simple, Modern Fence Keeps Pool Space Safe

  • Fire-Safe File Box
    Fire-Safe File Box in Organized Home Office

  • Industrial waterfront home
    Guard Rail, Steel Cables Keeps Bridge Safe and Secure

  • Casement Window in Transitional Bedroom
    Safe Window Option for Kid's Bedroom

  • Repurposed Safe and Typewriter in Summit Avenue Study
    Rehab Addict: Quirky Furnishings in Summit Avenue Study

  • Treehouse Vacation Home with Built-In Baby and Pet Gate
    Built-In Baby and Pet Gate in Tree House Vacation Home

  • Pool With Glass Wall in East Bedarra Island, Australia
    Pool: Open Plan Villa in East Bedarra Island, Australia

  • HGTV Spring House 2016: Easy Entertaining in Screened Porch
    Easy Entertaining in Screened Porch

  • Pedestrians Walking and Biking Along Sidewalk at Shopping Area
    Shopping Center Sidewalk With Lush Landscaping

  • Garden Path with Landscape Lighting
    Landscape Lighting for Garden Path

  • Mediterranean backyard
    Travertine Deck Complements Tuscan Elements

  • Shelf and stair lights illuminate the wine cellar.
    Well-Lit Wine Cellar

  • Boy's Bedroom
    Boy's Bedroom With Foam Tile Floor Covering

  • Stone Steps up a Slope

  • Contemporary White and Brown Stairs With Glass Wall
    Sleek Glass Wall Encloses Contemporary Staircase

  • Home Theater with Sofas and Arm Chairs
    Art Deco Style Screening Room

  • traditional home
    Lanterns, Stone Path Guide Visitors Inside

  • rustic deck
    Built-In Bar Pairs Black Stools, Stone Counter