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  • Formal Dining Room Restored to it's Former Glory
    Rehab Addict: Fully Restored Formal Dining Room

  • Nicole Curtis Standing in a Bathroom
    Host Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict

  • Nicole Stands in the Porch Before Restoration
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Stands in the Before Front Porch

  • Nicole Enjoys a Comfy Seat on the Finished Patio
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Curtis Sits in Finished Patio

  • Nicole Curtis SIts on the Front Steps of Summit Avenue Mansion
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Outside of Summit Avenue Mansion

  • Dining Room Features Ornate Ceiling Medallion and Chandelier
    Rehab Addict: Original Chandelier Hangs in Dining Room

  • Repurposed Desk Makes for a Rustic Style Poolside Bar
    Rehab Addict: Repurposed Desk Turned Poolside Bar

  • Nicole Relaxes on the Restored Summit Avenue Mansion Patio
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Sits on the Finished Patio

  • Nicole Relaxes Poolside with Her Son
    Rehab Addict: Nicole and Her Son Play in the Pool

  • Nicole Works on the Porch of the Summit Avenue Mansion
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Works on the Summit Avenue Porch

  • Colorful Accessories Brighten Up Front Porch
    Rehab Addict: Charming Accessories on Patio Coffee Table

  • Nicole Curtis Poses on Summit Avenue Mansion Steps
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Sits on Summit Avenue Mansion Steps

  • Nicole Helps Concrete Crew Install a Cement Floor
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Helps to Install a Cement Floor

  • Nicole Helps Her Crew Pour New Porch Stairs
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Helps Pour Back Porch Stairs

  • Nicole Helps to Pour Concrete for Porch Stairs
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Pours Concrete for Porch Stairs

  • Nicole Cleans the Cement from Her Boots
    Rehab Addict: Nicole Cleans Cement Off of Her Boots

  • Restored Study with Glossy Marble Fireplace
    Rehab Addict: Restored Marble Fireplace Shines in the Study

  • Nicole Create a Vintage Feel in the Study
    Rehab Addict: Vintage Touches Decorate the Home Office