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  • Open Living Space With Purple Built-In Shelves, Hardwood Floors
    Contemporary Color, Traditional Millwork

  • Green Door Frame Looking Into Wallpapered Hallway
    Wallpapered Hallway With Beautiful Millwork

  • Walk-In Closet With Wood Millwork, Mirror and Recessed Lighting
    Walk-In Closet With Traditional Millwork

  • Bright White Millwork in Blue Dining Room
    White Paint in Dining Room Highlights Historic Millwork

  • Custom Millwork Cabinets
    Custom Millwork Cabinets With Floating Bookshelves

  • Fireplace and Millwork Media Center
    Stone Fireplace and Custom Millwork Media Center

  • Contemporary Orange Bedroom With Built-In Bed and Built-In Fireplace
    Contemporary Orange Bedroom Boasts High-Gloss Anigre Millwork

  • White Bookshelf and Fireplace
    Detail of White Bookshelf and Fireplace Millwork

  • Modern Vanity in Transitional Home
    Floating White Vanity

  • Contemporary Dining Room With Bookcase, Two Tables and Custom Chairs
    Elegant Dining Room With Custom Bookcases

  • Neutral White Cottage Kitchen With Peninsula Island and Stone Counters
    White Cottage Kitchen With Peninsula Island

  • Gray Bathroom With Wallpaper
    Gray and White Bathroom With Wallpaper

  • White Living Room With Arch
    White Traditional Living Room With Arch

  • Green Hallway With White Columns and Rug Runner
    Chartreuse Hallway With Crystal Chandelier

  • Southwestern Fireplace With Built-in Bookshelves
    Neutral Fireplace With Hidden TV Screen

  • Colonial Stairs With Runner
    Colonial Foyer and Stairs With Sisal Runner

  • Carved Living Room Cabinetry With a Rustic Look
    Carved Living Room Cabinets

  • Eclectic Built-in Cabinets with Charming Design
    Eclectic Built-in Cabinets