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  • Backyard With Green Grass, Large Fruit Tree and Neighborhood View
    Courtyard With Large Strawberry Tree

  • Outdoor Pool Next to Wood-Shingled Home
    Large Trees Incorporated in Steps Leading to Outdoor Pool

  • Cottage Front Yard With Large Tree and Wooden Picket Fence
    Cottage Front Yard With Large Tree and Wooden Picket Fence

  • Two Trees With White Fence
    Two Large Trees Surrounded by Plants, Low Stone Bench and Horizontal Fencing

  • Front Exterior of Spanish Colonial Home
    Entryway to Spanish Colonial Home With Large Olive Tree

  • Outdoor Seating Area on Deck With Square Fire Pit
    Seating Area on Deck With Fire Pit and Large Shade Tree

  • Paver walkway in tropical setting
    Large Paver Walkway Lined by Palm Trees

  • White House with Big Staircase
    White Beach House with Large Staircase, Front Porch and Big Trees

  • Outdoor Area With Tree, Bushes and Fountain
    Garden With Tree and Fountain

  • Large, Tree-Shaded Backyard of Nature-Inspired Colonial Home
    Colonial Home's Five-Acre Backyard

  • Modern Outdoor Patio With Formal Hedge
    Formal Landscaping for Modern Patio

  • Backyard Inground Pool with Tree and Stone Patio
    Backyard with Inground Pool, Stone Patio and Tree

  • Multicolored Outdoor Furniture on Pebble Patio
    Spacious Patio With Bright and Colorful Outdoor Chairs

  • Trees and Grasses Surrounding Mediterranean-Style House
    Mediterranean-Style House With Lush Landscaping

  • Outdoor Dining Area Underneath Tree
    Outdoor Dining Area

  • View of House From Backyard
    Gray Transitional Home Rear Exterior and Backyard

  • Back of Tudor Mansion and View of Backyard
    Rear Exterior of Tudor Manor and Backyard

  • Large living room with two tall Christmas trees
    Dee Snider's Holiday Living Room