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  • Historic Craftsman Home With Traditional Asian Architectural Design
    Historic Los Angeles Home

  • Historic Greek Revival House
    Historic Greek Revival House

  • Hacidena Entryway Exterior With Steps and Metal-and-Glass Awning
    Historic Hacienda Exterior

  • Historic Tudor Home
    Historic Tudor Home

  • Green Living Room With Victorian Parlor Set, Piano, Pink Doors
    Historic Parlor With Piano

  • Greek Revival Home Exterior With Two-Story Columns and Dormers
    Historic Greek Revival Home

  • Historic Georgian Colonial Home
    Historic Colonial Home

  • Prairie Home
    Historic Illinois Prarie Home

  • Rustic Gray Stone Exterior of Car Barn
    Carriage House Resembles Historic Barn

  • Gray Home With Lime Green Door
    Historic Bungalow With Mod Makeover

  • Home Library With White Sofa
    Home Library With Historic Charm

  • Exteriror of a Classic Prairie-Style Home
    Historic Prairie-Style Home

  • Unique Wedding Venue: Historic Landmarks

  • Neutral Craftsman Bedroom With Wood Canopy Bed
    Bedroom: Historic Prairie House in Riverside, Ill.

  • Neutral Craftsman Hall With Vaulted Ceiling & Wood Bookcase
    Hallway: Historic Prairie House in Riverside, Ill.

  • Neutral Craftsman With Soaking Tub & Glass Enclosed Shower
    Bathroom: Historic Prairie House in Riverside, Ill.

  • Long Island Sound With Canoe
    Island: Historic Island Home in Darien, Conn.

  • Neutral Transitional Living Room With Neutral Furniture
    Transitional Living Room in Historic Home