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  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Home Office With Wall-Mount Television
    Gallery Wall

  • Exterior: Westeria Gallery
    Exterior of Westeria Gallery

  • Trees With Exterior of Westeria Gallery
    Exterior of Westeria Gallery

  • Gallery Wall in Bathroom
    Bathroom With Gallery Wall

  • Vintage Wood Shoe Forms Used for Gallery Wall
    Unique Stairway Gallery Wall

  • Gallery Wall with Cool Prints
    Cool Print Gallery Wall

  • White Chair in Room with Glass Walls and Ocean View
    Gallery Overlooking the Ocean

  • Front Door of Westeria Gallery
    Front Door: Westeria Gallery

  • Neutral Hallway With Framed Artwork
    Hallway Art Gallery

  • Colorful Girl's Bedroom With Pink Tufted Headboard
    Create Mini Art Galleries

  • Gray & White Living Space With Wood Table, Drum Pendant
    Statement Gallery Wall

  • Contemporary Art Gallery Hallway
    Contemporary Art Gallery Hallway

  • Red Boys Bathroom with Handmade Art
    Bathroom Art Gallery

  • Staircase and Gallery Wall in Loft Hallway
    White Brick Gallery Wall

  • Nightstand and Gallery Wall
    Nightstand With Gallery Wall

  • Gallery Wall of Hanging Lanterns
    Lantern Gallery Wall

  • White Framed Art on Blue Wall
    Blue Gallery Wall

  • Open Galley at LaJolla Historical Society
    Westeria Gallery: LaJolla Historical Society