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  • White Built-In Bookshelf in Dining Room
    Dining Room Built-In Adds Storage & Style

  • Black and White Master Bathroom With Vintage-Style Glass Window
    Vintage-Style Accent Window Adds Drama to Simple Bathroom

  • White Loft Living Space With Sculpted Bust & Floating Wood Stairs
    Loft's Floating Staircase & Artwork

  • Lovely Tudor Home Exterior With Brick & Terraced Landscaping
    Stunning Tudor Features Red Brick & Terraced Landscaping

  • Nick and Sarah's Beach Flip Master Bedroom Renovation
    Barn Door Upgrade

  • Homemade Radiator Cover
    DIY Radiator Cover With Shelving

  • Traditional Kitchen Renovation From Beach Flip
    Farmhouse-Style Sink

  • Contemporary Living Room With Sleek Wood Chair
    Contemporary Living Room Full of Texture

  • Eclectic Living Room With Tufted Sofa
    Eclectic and Relaxed Living Room

  • English Cottage Exterior With Landscaping, Red Brick & Gray Shingle
    English Cottage Home Boasts Of Stunning Brick, Gray Shingle and Rolling Landscaping

  • Living Room With a View

  • Kitchen Renovation From HGTV's Beach Flip
    Beach-Perfect Wall Mural

  • Modern Entry Staircase
    Modern Entry Staircase

  • White Entry Foyer
    White Entry Foyer

  • Traditional Kitchen Renovation From Beach Flip
    Soft, Rustic Lighting

  • Bedside Accessories

  • Modern Bedding From HGTV's Beach Flip
    Metallic Accents

  • Decorated Dorm Dresser
    Dorm Room Takeover Dresser Display With Cosmetics Tray, Wood Face Clock, Butterfly Art and Stainless Steel Lamp